Audits and reviews of financial statements

Audits of financial statements include both separate financial statements of business entities and consolidated statements of capital groups.

Conducting such audits may result from the obligation imposed by law, but also take place for the needs of shareholders, creditors and other institutions, because obtaining by these entities of useful and reliable financial information about the enterprise requires deep specialist knowledge which is already in possession of statutory auditors.

In addition, the auditor’s positive opinion on the financial statements is evidence for the company that its financial statements have been prepared correctly and reliably. Often, banks or other financing institutions, such as lessors, are waiting for our opinion, for which it is an important indicator for monitoring and periodically assessing the financial. And also of borrowers financial situation.

In the segment of auditing financial statements, it is also worth mentioning reviews of statements or accounting books. These services are modeled on the procedure for auditing reports, but they are not subject to this formal procedure. Reviews are carried out through the analysis of financial data, access to accounting books and similar audit procedures. As part of the reviews, we can choose procedures to meet the specific needs of clients, limiting one procedure and expanding other, more desirable from the point of view of our client’s goals.

KRS: 0000260564
NIP: 9542563170
List of auditing entities of the Polish CHAMBER OF AUDITORS No. 3.130
The Company’s fully paid-up share capital amounted to PLN 50.000,00.
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