Other services

In the area of other services, we place all other services related to our main activity, which are in particular:

  • Financial Director service.
    Not every company is interested in hiring a full-time CFO but as the business scale increases, the role of CFO often becomes indispensable. That is why, answering the needs of the market for several years, we offer our clients assistance in the form of delegating our Employee to act as the Financial Director. We entrust our best employees with the greatest knowledge and professional experience to perform this function.
  • Tax consultancy.
    The services offered most often relate to the preparation of opinions and interpretations of tax regulations, review of the correctness of preparing monthly and annual tax returns and similar. Also we support enterprises in contacts with tax authorities.
  • Company valuations and due diligence reviews, w tym przeglądy i wyceny dokonywane przed zakupami inwestycyjnymi udziałów (akcji) Spółek lub przedsiębiorstw.
  • Auditor services provided by the Commercial Code.
    * audit of the report of the founders of a joint-stock company (Article 312 CCC)
    * audit of the management board’s report in relation to the intention of the joint stock company to purchase property from the founder or shareholder (Article 394 and Article 312 CCC)
    * other services provided for by the provisions of the Commercial Companies Code.

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