Outsourcing of accounting, HR and payroll services

We provide broadly understood accounting and HR and payroll services for Polish and foreign companies of various scale and diverse scope of activity. These are both local companies from Katowice and the Silesian Voivodship as well as companies from outside the region, above all from Warsaw and the Mazowieckie Voivodship.

We work on our own server and software (currently COMARCH ERP OPTIMA). We also work on our clients’ programs, such as SAP, ENOVA, MS AXAPTA, through remote access to servers located both in Poland and abroad.

We offer contact in Polish and fluent contact in English.

As a result of our work, we provide a comprehensive service of keeping accounting books for clients who gain this psychological comfort that they entrust all accounting and tax issues to a reliable and credible partner, thus being able to focus on managing business in other areas of their activity. Our services and their scope are most often “made to measure”, as expected by our client.

Accounting services usually consist of the following basic elements:
1) entering or importing accounting documents into an IT software, which results in processing and obtaining data necessary for:

* preparation of tax reports enabling tax settlements, in particular CIT and VAT, including preparation and transmission of electronic JPK files,
* preparation of management reports, such as: profit and loss accounts, settlement data, balance sheets, cash flow accounts or other reports necessary for the needs of operational and strategic management of the enterprise.
* fulfilling statutory reporting obligations, in particular the financial statement files in xml format

2) Performing the export of transfer proposals for clients from the accounting program to the bank. (option).

3) Fulfilling reporting obligations to offices and institutions, in particular: CSO, PFON, NBP and other similar.

HR and payroll services usually consist of the following basic elements:

1) Comprehensive service for our clients staff, including full documentation required by labor law, monitoring the timeliness of medical examinations, issuing all certificates, etc.

2) Comprehensive payroll services, including in particular: conversion of payrolls, calculation of sick pay and benefits as well as all other obligations related to this issue (settlements with ZUS, GUS, PIT etc.), including electronic exchange of client’s data with ZUS.
We would like to mention that in the HR and payroll area we have extensive experience in handling various types of working time modes, including the equivalent mode.

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